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ESCB Social Dialogue meeting at Frankfurt
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Trade unions of Banque de France: Enough is enough!

Next week will be a week of action days within Banque de France. The 6 French trade unions call teh staff to join them for different actions...

CFTC, CFDT, CGC, CGT, FO and SNA-BF denounce the lack of Dialogue with the Board of the Banque de France. They call all the staff to join them in the different action days next week:

The Banque de France changes, transforms, amplifies the technicality and expertise and yet the staff suffer:

  • Outsourcing increase in all kind of activities 
  • Closures of branches and cashiers
  • Reduction of bonuses, closure of ATMs,  etc.)
  • Careers seriously degraded, with uncertain prospects and no safeguards
  • Purchasing power decreasing year by year
  • The increase in the workload due to retirements combined with the drastic decrease in recruitments
  • A training policy which is not adapted to changes
  • The deterioration of working conditions
  • A business strategy generating increasing psychosocial risks

Stop! The 6 Trade Unions call for a real resumption of social dialogue to address these points as well as significant progress on their demands.

Next week, Action days will be organised all over the country; in the Head office in Paris and in all the branches of the Regions:

On 13th November: each colleague of Banque de France is called to send a mail to the Minister of Finance to ask for a meeting with the 6 trade unions. A press communiqué.

On 14 November: Press conference by the 6 trade unions with an action day by all the staff

On 15 November: The 6 trade unions will give their proposal to the National Assembly (our Parliament), elected people as mayer etc... In Paris, the 6 union will organised "funerals for deaf dialogue". All the staff is called to wear dark wears with a single message "ENOUGH!"

On 16 November: In our tradition it will be the the D Day of the wine "Beaujolais nouveau" (a wine the French start to drink the 3rd Thursday of November. Here the trade Unions will plan meeting to drink the new "Cuvée" which is rather different than the "Cuvée of the Governor" which is undrinkable : Meetings in all our Regions and Branches for a Toast to the 80th of the Statuts of the Staff.

On 17 November: The petition (we expect your support and to help us to sign) will be given to the Governor by the 6 Trade Unions during his meeting with the "Fiduciary chain."

If you want to join to the Petition organised by the 6 French trade Unions:

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