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| 2018-05-10 |
Joint HRC – Social Dialogue Seminar - Health and Safety
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| 2018-03-13 |
ESCB Social Dialogue meeting at Frankfurt
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| 2018-02-20 |
Monthly Bulletin
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| 2018-01-31 |
Monthly Bulletin
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The SCECBU is the most representative Organisation of ESCB staff

The SCECBU is composed of the Trade Union Organisations and Staff Associations representing the Personnel of the European National Central Banks and of the European Central Bank subscribing to democratic values and recognizing the European Human Rights Declaration.

Welcome by Thierry Desanois, President

Welcome to our web site !

Our Organisation gathers a large majority of trade unions and staff associations from National Central Banks. The SCECBU is the most representative Organisation of European central bank staff. In our Website you will have the occasion to know not only a little about the History of the SCECBU but also be informed of the latest news concerning matters of importance for national central bank and ECB employees. You will also be able to follow the evolution of our working groups and the national actuality of our member trade unions.

As one of the signatories of the ESCB Social Dialogue and SSM Social Dialogue agreements, we will also keep you informed of the evolution of this important forum taking place in Frankfurt every year.

While surfing in our website you may follow the political choices of SCECBU in what concerns ESCB Social Dialogue, and the Eurosystem Mission Statement.

Our Website proved to be one of the most direct means of information among our members all over the European Union and even outside it. As you will have the opportunity to see for yourselves, our wish was to develop a soft but social and efficient homepage in what concerns the use and treatment of information.

You will also find a totally renewed Monthly bulletin's design and structure, which we hope will have a more friendly usability for our members. As always, the Site also contains confidential information which will only be available to central bank staff. For acceding to these documents a login name and a password are needed. Please contact your trade union or staff association members in case you which to use these facilities.

It’s now time to discover our Website! Do not hesitate to send your comments to I also invite central bank trade unions to participate actively in the life of this extraordinary way of sharing our social life inside our central banks.

Bon surf!


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